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Love Story Spoilers with Ausiello

"Will Carol have a reaction to Daryl shrugging off Rick’s banishment of her on The Walking Dead? I’m bummed he wasn’t more pissed off, and I have to imagine Carol will be, too.” —Charlie

"Ausiello: Well, as showrunner Scott M. Gimple points out, “What Carol knows about how Daryl reacted is pretty limited because she wasn’t there.” That said, Carol’s estrangement and eventual return “does have weight” and “will be felt throughout the season,” Gimple adds. “It’s part of their history. And they haven’t seen each other since it’s happened. So there will be a catching up to that fact.”

TV Line, September 2nd, 2014 (X

The “reaction” this fan is referring to is the conversation between Daryl and Rick in “Too Far Gone” where Daryl finds out that Rick had banished Carol from the prison - a scene that was hyped up, delayed and ultimately purposely designed to be ambiguous. Norman Reedus confirmed that said scene was never meant to be about Daryl taking sides or choosing one over the other BUT it was suppose to give us the impression that this is not a decision Daryl had taken lightly and it is something he was left unhappy about.
Reedus also implied that the issue was left open-ended and unfinished on purpose which now seems to be confirmed by Scott Gimple as well!

Stage 1
The scene opens with Daryl looking beside himself and it becomes obvious that he is not just trying to keep his fists and words back BUT he is also struggling to process the news Rick almost solemnly and hesitantly delivered to him. Rick looks like he is carefully choosing his words and watching Daryl’s reaction closely - clearly he knows just how explosive this situation could get so he is carefully choosing his words, his tone and his body language. One glance at Rick tells you that he knows Daryl is not taking his decision laying down!

With a calm, measured voice, standing still and pausing often Rick begins his defense with a certainty that doesn’t quite translate in his demeanor nor does it ever reach his eyes during the whole conversation.

Stage 2
Rick tries to use Tyreese as one of his “reasons” but Daryl shoots him down with a very telling “I could’ve handled that.” in which he purposely uses an “I” and with that takes on the role of Carols protector without any hesitation or ambiguity.

If Tyreese wants to hurt Carol then Daryl would be the one to “handle it” because he is responsible for her…she is HIS PERSON.

Stage 3
Once Rick realizes that the Tyreese smoke screen has failed he attempts the “she wasn’t sorry” argument but as soon as he launches into painting Carol as cold, remorseless and “too far gone” Daryl silences him with a single glare and a simple but FIRM “that ain’t her”.

Not only does Daryl not believe Rick’s rambled “She’s gonna be all right” stance but he is also not buying Rick’s justifications for the exile - he knows Carol best and he instinctively knew that if Carol had done it, she didn’t do it lightly and she certainly wasn’t un-affected by it (confirmed by Tyreese at the confession scene in The Grove).

Stage 4 
Overwhelmed by the news and looking completely wounded Daryl allows himself a moment to slump down and exhale the pain of his “Carol-less” reality. Next time he looks at Rick there is a change in both his eyes and his stature - it is as if a decision had been made and as he leads the way to break the news to Tyreese and “handle” him, Daryl doesn’t look like he “accepted” anything about what Rick had done, in fact he looks like a man on a mission…

Rick at the end looks beaten down and clearly unable to make eye contact with Daryl as he slowly becomes aware of not just his mistake in exiling Carol BUT also the fact that the mistake he made could carry very REAL possibility of damaging his own relationship with his right-hand man. As he comes out of his mental stupor Rick sees that Daryl and Carol had something he obviously missed and probably shouldn’t have interfered with because for the first time in their “brotherhood” Daryl didn’t just look genuinely hurt, he was also having a hard time backing down and falling in line.

I know a lot of us wanted Daryl to choose a side here but that’s not who Daryl is - he doesn’t process information or feelings that quick BUT what he did do was TAKE A STAND and it wasn’t one of complacency, acceptance or agreement.
He was fighting for Carol and that’s why this conversation was unfinished - if he had accepted it then rehashing it later or leaving it open-ended would be pointless!

Personally I think Carol will understand and know instinctively that Daryl wasn’t happy about what happened at the prison BUT I don’t think for a second she would have wanted or expected him to take HER side over Rick’s.

Carol and Daryl know each other best and that means that just as Daryl knew “that ain’t her”, she too will know that HE didn’t react to Rick’s decision positively.

I can see Daryl being disappointed in himself that she didn’t trust him enough to tell him but I don’t think he would be angry at her specifically at all - if it does come down to having them talk it out the angst and grief itself will just create yet another layer of emotional complexity to their connection. CARYL is a bond between two “damaged” people whose lives have almost conditioned them for needing these intense and heartbreaking situations to face and bring out feelings that would otherwise remain hidden or unchallenged out of fear and uncertainty.

What that means to me is that Carol and Daryl talking about or questioning each other about 4A is yet another reason and one more opportunity for them to finally “connect-all-the-way”. Emotional conflicts are to be expected and welcomed even, especially when you consider the fact that every time Carol and Daryl had an angsty confrontation their relationship has grown and become even stronger each time.
Obviously working through the rough times was important to both of then since they continued seeking each other out instinctively, choosing each other’s presence repeatedly and consistently, no matter how painful the “issue” might be!

Why would it be any different now?

After all - angst and emotional exchanges mean they care enough to fight about it - care enough to fight for each other…

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